Evening skies in Dublin…


24 thoughts on “Evening skies in Dublin…

  1. You can get night skies anywhere, as far as I know. But the way you seee them is unique. I like it. If we had any interesting roof lines here, I’d try the same. We get some nice sunsets, but our roof tops are dull!

    • Thank you! Yes, in some places it is difficult to find interesting roof tops…churches and older buildings are usually the most fun to photograph, and there are a LOT of them in Ireland 😉

  2. Hi, I really love your photos. I’m traveling to Dublin for a business trip this coming week and have some free time to shoot some pics on Tuesday. It will be my first visit and I have only one day to shoot. Any recommendations on where I should go to capture some interesting shots if I have only one day? – Rob

    • Hi, thank you! There are many nice places in Dublin to take photos…Merrion Square Park is interesting. It is in the center of Georgian Dublin. Trinity College is only a few minutes away from the park, and it is also a fantastic location for photographs.
      Have a great trip! 🙂

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