Canal Cleanup and some Instagram ;)

Hey all!

I apologize for the lack of posts recently, I’ve been ridiculously busy.

I tried Instagram recently, and it’s so much fun! So, today’s photos have been instagrammed (if that’s a word). I took both photos at the Grand Canal Cleanup a few months ago. The next post will feature more recent photos though, I promise 😉

Hope you enjoy!


PS. How do you feel about Instagram? I have heard a lot of varied opinions, so I’d be eager to know what everyone thinks 🙂



8 thoughts on “Canal Cleanup and some Instagram ;)

  1. Instagram’s a great way to post pictures quickly online. The one gripe I had with it was that its filters all somewhat looked the same. Though I did enjoy it a lot more once they made the Tilt-shift available for Android users.

  2. Instagram is a nice camera with great online support. Use the filters sparingly if at all. Many actually significantly degrade the image – reduce resolution, contrast, and saturation.

  3. Photography in any format is only an extension of our personal view. I enjoy using and viewing instagram. I have no preference which mode of photography a person uses. I think it is a bit elitist to say that only a dslr is capable of producing an image worthy of view/use/enjoyment. Sometimes the desired effect of reduced resolution, contrast and saturation are what lends to the outcome of the photo taken that in any other machinery or program or app it would give a entirely different perspective.
    Continue to use your instagram or whichever mode of photo taking machinery you like to use. Your photos and personal views/story are wonderful!
    Have an amazing summer!

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