In Flight Photography (Part 1)

Good evening everyone!

I have quite a few photos from the air that I want to share with you, so I have decided to spread the photos over two posts. This post is part 1 and I will be posting part 2 pretty soon…possibly even tomorrow if I get time 😉

Hope you enjoy!





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5 thoughts on “In Flight Photography (Part 1)

  1. Taking pictures from the plane is so tricky, esp. with that wing blocking the way. It is amazing when you do get at least one blog-worth share. :D.

  2. Never thought to take pictures from the plane. I need to keep my attention on staying aloft. If I lose concentration, who knows what might happen?

  3. Great pictures. I recently went on a plane for the first time and that going up bit was horrific(for me), so it’s nice to see a wonderful view in safety. Thanks for sharing.

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